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Taylor and legendary drummer Roy Haynes at the Grammy Nominee Reception (2007) Taylor and saxophonist Red Holloway (2007) Taylor and pianist Mike Melvoin at Taylor and hero Steve Young at the NFL Commissioner's Superbowl XL Party (2006) Taylor and legend Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion (2006) Three Generations of Jazz Piano 2 concert - Taylor, David Benoit, Dave Brubeck (2001) Taylor (age 14, hence the braces) and Al Jarreau performing at Paul Masson Winery (1999) Taylor and hero Joe Montana at a function in San Carlos, CA (2002) Taylor and President Bill Clinton (1999) Taylor and President Bill Clinton (1999) Taylor and Dave Brubeck, in Three Generations of Jazz Piano concert (2000) Taylor and mother Nancy at the Grammys (2007)v Taylor and girlfriend Ashley Duval at the Grammy Awards (2007) John Shifflett, Taylor, Jason Lewis - after a concert in Redwood City, CA (2003) Bassist Joe Sanders, our Japanese friend, and Taylor after a show in Tokyo, Japan (2007) Taylor and Julian Lage at Corcovado - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2005) Taylor with late composer/violinist Johnny Frigo performing at the Elkhart Jazz Festival (2004) Christian McBride, Taylor, Julian Lage, Lewis Nash 
during James Genus, Taylor, and Billy Kilson during Julian Lage, Taylor, Luques Curtis, Jody Giachello in Bern, Switzerland (2006) Taylor, Aaron McLendon, singer and friend Mya Nydegger, Harish Raghavan, Julian Lage 
in Zurich, Switzerland (2007) Harish Raghavan and Kevin Kanner in Munchengladbach, Germany (2006) Taylor, Ivory Daniels, Melissa Morgan, Chris Dunn, and Benny Reid 
in Nagoya, Japan at Nagoya Castle (2007) Aaron McLendon and Taylor at Superbowl XL Taylor's new little brother, Phineas (2008) Another picture of Phineas the Great An old publicity shot of Taylor, age 9 Brooding publicity shot of Taylor on a beach (2006) The whole cast tired out of their minds in the Lucky to Be Me recording session