Taylor Eigsti — Quotes



Thursday, May 1st, 2008 11:28 AM

"It is always a joy, not to mention quite reassuring, for any serious acoustic jazz cognoscente to happen upon a young interpreter of the music that not only masters its tradition, but significantly develops his own voice and sound....Be prepared to be blown away." - Martin Gladu, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"He's the most amazing talent I've ever come across. Remember him." - DAVE BRUBECK

"I was more than impressed by 'Let it Come to You.' I was taken aback by the rich musical experience I had just heard. This is one recording not to be missed, trust me." - Edward Blanco, EJAZZNEWS.COM

"There comes a time in every former prodigy's life when they have to be judged on their output as an adult. Eigsti just keeps getting more compelling and inspiring. Four stars * * * *" - Johnathan Widran - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"'Resonance' deserves an A+...The Eigsti original, "Avolation," swings with as much force and savvy as any track on the album, highlighting a composer/ player who's going to have a major-league jazz career" - BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

"The trio immerses itself in sophisticated group interplay...Eigsti and company succeed in their mission to escape the ordinary world though high art. 4 Stars * * * *." - DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

"With his casual style and progressive musical philosophy, it's easy to see him introducing jazz to a wider and younger audience." - Yoshi Kato, METROACTIVE MUSIC

"Eigsti plays piano with the mastery of a seasoned veteran." - Craig Harris, THE BOSTON GLOBE

"I think Taylor is one of the young, jazz geniuses of the piano." - DAVID BENOIT

"I’d never heard the still-young, once-child prodigy pianist Taylor Eigsti play live before and he’s an absolute monster, having seemingly achieved that state where anything is possible on his instrument, where musical interaction and the creation of new ideas becomes a wildly fun act of ecstasy-making." - Jason McCool, THE PINKLINE PROJECT

"Eigsti combines impeccable technical proficiency with good taste and a swinging drive." - Stephen Fratallone - JAZZ CONNECTION MAGAZINE

"Like a lot of gifted musicians Taylor has sponged from a wide variety of instrumentalists-- Bird, Gene Harris, David Benoit, Chucho Valdez. Like few of his peers, he's already assimilated the different dialects into a vocabulary of his own." - Don Zulaica, ALTERNATE MUSIC PRESS

"Eigsti's influences are varied, his technique is balanced, and he's fully integrated the axiom that jazz standards must be made personal to succeed." - Forrest Bryant, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"Eigsti has been treated as a prodigy for years. It's time to take him seriously as a grown-up musician." - Richard Scheinin, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

"There is no false academic flash in Eigsti's playing...it's all heart." - Thom Jurek, ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Taylor Eigsti is full of fresh enthusiasm, ideas, and formidable technique, and 'Resonance', his national debut on Bop City Records, is nothing short of astonishing. It's a terrific CD for anyone who loves the real deal. 4 Stars. " - Judith Schlesinger, ALL MUSIC GUIDE